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How to Get Around Dangriga

Dangriga’s reputation as the cultural capital of Belize is well earned. The Afro-Caribbean people called the Garifuna are an intrinsic part of the local culture, and it’s well worth making a trip out to the town where they first landed in Belize and where they continue to thrive. But with a population of only about …

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Which is better Dangriga or Hopkins

The Stann Creek District is one of the most interesting in Belize thanks to its intrinsic ties to the Garifuna people. These former Afro-Caribbean slaves found a new home in Belize — and while it wasn’t always easy to carve out an identity for themselves in an English colony, Belize wouldn’t be what it is …

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Getting from Hopkins to Placencia

Hopkins and Placencia are two sleepy villages alongside the Caribbean coast, but they each have their own unique vibes and are worth seeing independently. Hopkins is regularly called the friendliest village in Belize, while Placencia is a peninsula attached to the southeast shore of Belize. And despite that appeal, it still hasn’t become overcrowded or …

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