Which is better Dangriga or Hopkins

Which is better Dangriga or Hopkins?

The Stann Creek District is one of the most interesting in Belize thanks to its intrinsic ties to the Garifuna people. These former Afro-Caribbean slaves found a new home in Belize — and while it wasn’t always easy to carve out an identity for themselves in an English colony, Belize wouldn’t be what it is today without its influence. Settled along the eastern coast, Stann Creek is home to some stunning beaches and is definitely worth visiting — but tourists will typically choose between the two most prominent settlements in Stann Creek: Dangriga and Hopkins Village. But which is better? That’s what we’re here to find out.


Dangriga or Hopkins
If you want to explore the culture and history of the Garifuna — and discover how deeply their traditions are embedded in Belizean culture as a whole — Dangriga is the place to go. Regularly referred to as the cultural capital of Belize, Dangriga is a bustling town with a population of around 10,000. The Stann Creek River cuts straight through the village, and it’s worth your time to take a walk and explore the various restaurants and stores along its shores. The Gulisi Garifuna Museum is the world’s foremost resource for knowledge about the Garifuna people, but you might just learn more by listening in at the local bars or beaches.


Dangriga vs Hopkins
The people of Hopkins are proud that their village has earned the name of “friendliest village in Belize”. The population here is a meager 1,500 — and while that means that there are fewer attractions of immediate interest to tourists, it’s the perfect place for soaking up the small-town vibes and feeling what everyday life really is like for the people who live along Belize’s coast. The ocean, river, and rainforest are all easily within reach — and that makes this sleepy town one of the premier base camps for adventures throughout the country.

Why Not Both?

Hopkins and Dangriga are both well worth visiting in their own rights, and fitting both into your Belize vacation doesn’t have to be difficult. Uncharted Jewel Belize can handle your transport to and from these Stann Creek towns as well as offering you tours and shuttle services to and from the airport.


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