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10 Fun Facts About Dangriga Belize I Bet You Didn’t Know…

Dangriga Town is widely recognized as the cultural capital of Belize, but there’s a lot more to the story than you’d know from a glance. Dangriga may be a fishing village, but it also has a long and storied history that’s had an impact on the history of the entire nation.

Here are 10 interesting facts about Dangriga you might not be aware of.

  1. It was once known as “Stann Creek Town”, but its name was changed to Dangriga in the 1970s.
  2. It means “Standing Waters” in the language of the Garifuna people. It was colloquially known by the name for years before being officially changed.
  3. It’s easy to reach. Despite being culturally unique, Dangriga is only a 90-mile drive from Belize City. Or you can take the water taxi and shorten that voyage to less than 40 miles.
  4. The town is home to the genre of music known as punta rock — a style that combines the traditional drumming of the Garifuna people with influences from popular Latin American genres like soca and calypso. Punta rock has even seen crossover in the United States thanks to musicians like Ideal Castillo.
  5. Pen Cayetano is a legend in the town, and he’s recognized as both the originator of punta rock and as one of the most important visual artists in the country. He currently lives in Germany but continues to serve as an artistic influence in the community.
  6. The town is surprisingly intimate. It’s home to only around 9,000 inhabitants, and Dangriga is famous for being one of the friendliest settlements in Belize.
  7. It was once the home to Thomas Vincent Ramos. The teacher and civil rights activist has since become a national hero for his role in fighting for the Garifuna people.
  8. It’s home to the most important museum covering Garifuna history. The Gulisi Garifuna Museum is a tribute to one of the first Garifuna migrants, and she would later become the founder of the Punta Negra region.
  9. It’s one of the most popular access points to Belize’s southern cayes. Dangriga offers direct access to both the private island of Royal Belize and the resort island of Tobacco Caye. It’s also a convenient way to access the Belize Barrier Reef and other aquatic landmarks.
  10. It’s home to many culinary specialties. These include cassava bread, cashew wine, and a variety of dishes that combine seafood with coconut for sublime results.

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