Ancient Fossilized Tooth Leads to New Findings About Belize

Ancient Fossilized Tooth Leads to New Findings About Belize

A discovery in Belize has cast new light on the country’s topography, revealing that thousands of years ago, it was an arid desert rather than the lush jungle that it is today.

Scientists recently discovered the fossilized tooth of a prehistoric giant sloth in the waters near the Belize Barrier Reef. The tooth belonged to a species of sloth that stood over four feet tall and lived in the region 27,000 years ago. Based on information they pulled from the tooth and from a femur of the same sloth, the investigators concluded that back then, Belize was an arid plain where water was scarce.

It just goes to show that Belize continues to be a place where you can make endless discoveries. It’s a country full of surprises, where you will always find a hidden gem.

Are you ready to learn the secrets of Belize? Start with a tour of the many Maya ruins and temples. Explore the ancient caves where the Maya made human sacrifices and built shrines to their departed ancestors. In Belize, you can combine learning with adventure when you take a cave tubing expedition that travels down the river and back in time.

For an experience that sums up everything you’ll love about Belize, take a guided hike deep into the Mountain Tapir Reserve, a jungle sanctuary dedicated to preserving Belize’s national animal, the mountain tapir. Here, you’ll find the challenging, fascinating Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) cave. National Geographic has ranked the ATM as one of the top 10 caves in the world. You’ll see why when you hike, climb and explore it.

The trip to the ATM takes you on an hour-long hike through the jungle, crossing three streams and dense vegetation. At the cave, you’ll spend about three hours walking its many chambers. Limestone stalactites hang above your head and all around is the evidence of the Maya rituals once held there. The cave is full of ancient artifacts including sacrificial knives, religious pottery and other archaeological finds.

The ATM cave is just one of the many inspiring and heart-pumping adventures you can have in Belize.

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