Two of Belize’s most popular sites are close to each other, allowing you to see both of these wonderful places in one day trip.

Xunantunich is one of the best-known Maya ruins. It’s a 22-acre complex that includes 25 palaces and temples, a ball court where Maya games were played, the pyramid of Il Castillo and many ancient homes. El Castillo is one of the tallest Maya pyramids. A climb to its top rewards you with a breathtaking view over the Cayo District of Belize and into neighboring Guatemala.

In 2016, archeologists discovered an enormous royal tomb at Xunantunich. They believe that it’s the tomb of a king who ruled the powerful Snake Dynasty. This is the first major find that provides clues about the Snake Dynasty, since most of the records about it were destroyed. You can learn all about the ongoing work taking place at this important historical and archeological site. The name Xunantunich comes from the Yucatec Maya language for “Stone Maiden” or “Maiden of the Rock.”

From there, travel down the scenic Hummingbird Highway into the heart of the Cayo District and St. Herman’s Blue Hole Park. Here, you’ll find one of Belize’s most famous pools, the Inland Blue Hole. The 575-acre Blue Hole Park is managed by the Belize Audubon Society and is a well-known nesting and refuge site for birds and wildlife.

The Blue Hole is a natural pool of blue water that formed in the middle of the jungle, surrounded by caves. The pool is about 20 feet deep and about 300 feet in diameter. There are stairs and a concrete walkway that make access to the Blue Hole easy. At the end of the trip down the stairs, you’ll look forward to taking a cool dip in the pool.

If you’re not into swimming, Blue Hole Park offers several other options for a fun-filled day. You can take a bird-watching tour that gives you the chance to spot hundreds of colorful, beautiful bird species. Jaguars, ocelots and other wildlife are frequently seen in the park.

Blue Hole Park is a magnet for cavers, who are drawn to exploring the largest network of caves in all of Central America. Take a spelunking trip through these ancient caves and hike to the famous Crystal Cave, which is covered in crystal-like stalagmites.

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