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5 Amazing Things To See And Do In Belize In 2020

While Belize is home to many notable sites and experiences, here are five that everyone should check out when they come to this particular Central American country.

Actun Tunichil Muknal (ATM) Cave

The “Cave of the Stone Sepulcher” is a deep, sprawling cave complex that has long been regarded as one of the most sacred sites on the planet by “National Geographic.” Contained deep within this site is the “Crystal Maiden” and the preserved remains of 13 other Maya of varying ages and genders.

Cave Tubing and Zip-lining from Jaguar Paw Cave

Take a guided tour through the jungle, then grab a headlamp and an inner tube to enjoy the sights while riding an inner tube through subterranean depths. Finish your journey by riding a zip-line through the rainforest canopy.

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

This sprawling nature complex is home to a wide variety of wildlife, including the national animal of Belize, the tapir. It is also the sole nature preserve dedicated to the jaguar. In addition to the obvious opportunity to see numerous unique animals, a tour through this spot involves hiking, riding the currents on an inner tube and even checking out a waterfall.

The Ruins of Tikal

While technically located within neighboring Guatemala, Tikal is a major ruin associated with the ancient Maya and close enough to the national border with Belize that it is not unheard of to visit from Belize. Tikal is a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to numerous structures and carvings that give us a great deal of information concerning the history of the ancient Maya. If you love nature of history, Tikal should definitely have a spot on your itinerary!

Xunantunich and the Inland Blue Hole

Xunantunich is the most iconic Maya ruin imaginable, to the point its likeness is found on Belizean dollars. It is also where the first details of the snake Dynasty were recently uncovered. The nearby Blue Hole Park is rich with wildlife, including many species of birds and smaller great cats. Some come to the park in order to plumb the many caves found nearby.

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