Treat Yourself to an Un-Belizable Summer

Treat Yourself to an Un-Belizable Summer

Dreaming of postcard-perfect beaches, refreshing sea breeze, palm-studded islands, and sun-filled days where you can see nothing but aqua blue waters all around, then you might be dreaming of a Belizean summer vacation.

Promising all the above, and even more, we have come up with a list of reasons why you can have one of the most un-Belizable summer vacations of your life.  Blessed with perfect weather almost all year round as well as a host of activities to suit almost anyone, there is simply too much to see and do in Belize, meaning that the possibility of you staying longer than you had initially planned is possible.

Amazing Weather

Belize has a comfortable subtropical climate that is conducive for travel year-round, with temperatures usually hovering between 50 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. While summers are considered to be the ‘’rainy season’’ in Belize, showers are usually the heaviest during the months of September and October and would usually be concentrated in the South and lowland areas of the country with slighter bursts in the north and on the cayes. Don’t let the weather dampen your spirits though, because rains in Belize would usually last one to two hours, just enough to water the rainforest and replenish the wildlife.

Affordable Fun

Another great reason for visiting Belize during the summer is that it is considered the ‘’slow season’’ for tourists due to it being dubbed the rainy season. That however can work out to your advantage since there are incredible savings and deals everywhere, ranging from accommodations, tours, and activities to almost anything. Anyone who has visited Belize in the summer months would tell you that travel is cheaper and that not only will you be able to save tons of money, but you will not have to compete with other tourists to book accommodations and squeeze in your tours, but also have additional elbow space at any of the top tourist destinations that are located across the country.

Close to Home

One of the things that visitors to Belize have always appreciated is the fact that it is located close to their home, meaning that they will not have to endure long hours of being on a plane, multiple stopovers, unforeseen delays, or any of the usual headaches associated with traveling long distance. With several direct flights from major hubs including Toronto, Calgary, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, LA, Denver, or any US or Canadian cities, in two or three hours you can be in Belize soaking up a quick change of scenery and sipping on a margarita or drink of choice.

Endless Things to See and Do

Now to one of our favorites, and one of the main reasons why tourists who come for a two to three-day vacation usually find themselves staying for two to three months. The secret behind this shameless obsession is that there is simply too much to see and do in Belize that it is quite impossible to accomplish in a quick stopover. In Belize, almost every district boasts its own unique attractions ranging from, culture, sea, beaches, wildlife, flora, ancient maya ruins, unique underwater cave system, natural pool formations, and tons of wildlife sanctuaries, natural parks, and marine reserves brimming with natural wonders. Vacationing in Belize will have you trecking out to an ancient Maya ruin one day, to scuba diving with whale sharks another day, lounging in a beach chair, rappelling across waterfalls, and tubing down rivers before you know it.

Amazing Culture and Food

Apart from the numerous attractions visitors to Belize have always been fascinated by the melting pot of cultures that makes up the country’s DNA. Ranging from Maya descendants, Garinagu, Spanish, Indians, Germans, Mennonites, and even Chinese Immigrants who all live in perfect harmony. Belize’s superb cultural makeup has transcended over into its delicious food, making it every food fanatic dream to visit and sample all of these local delicacies that can be found at one destination.

Uncharted Jewel Belize

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