Marie Sharp's Factory Tour
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From the fresh seafood pulled out from the Caribbean Sea to the abundant farmland of the Cayo District, Belize is a country with a rich culinary culture, but there are few brands as ubiquitous as Marie Sharp’s. First established in 1980, the line has now grown to include 10 different spice levels — and you can find at least one bottle on practically any dinner table in the country.

A Surprisingly Intimate Factory Tour

Miss Sharp still oversees the operations of the company, and she’s taken a conscientious approach to operating her business by keeping things small enough for her to be able to guarantee quality at every level. Only 17 employees work at the 400-acre farm where the sauce’s habanero peppers are grown and harvested — and Marie Sharp still personally inspects the ingredients to make sure they continue to meet the standards that the company is known for.

That means that the tour is a personal experience that frames the way Belizeans tend to do things. You’ll start by walking the farm to get a feel for how they’re grown and what requirements there are for peppers to be used in the making of Marie Sharp hot sauce. From there, guests have the chance to tour the factory floor and see how the sauce is actually made and bottled. Finally, guests get to taste the product. In addition to the ten different flavors of hot sauce that Marie Sharp’s produces, there’s also a range of jams and jellies. And you can find all of them at the gift shop afterwards.

Get There in Style

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