How to Get Around Dangriga

How to Get Around Dangriga

Dangriga’s reputation as the cultural capital of Belize is well earned. The Afro-Caribbean people called the Garifuna are an intrinsic part of the local culture, and it’s well worth making a trip out to the town where they first landed in Belize and where they continue to thrive. But with a population of only about 10,000 people, visitors are sometimes uncertain about the best ways to navigate town. If you’re going to visit Dangriga, there are a few options available to you. Here’s what you should know.

The Town Itself

Dangriga itself is a small town that’s relatively easy to navigate on foot — and the central part of town is definitely worth walking in just to soak up the vibe. The funky Garifuna influence is front and center, and pretty much everything from shopping to dining is oriented around the main thoroughfare — a road called St. Vincent Street south of the bridge and Commerce Street north of it. Despite that, there’s quite a bit you’ll probably want to see that’s not within walking distance. Once you get out of the centralized commercial district, navigation typically requires a car or at least a bike. That becomes exacerbated when you take into consideration the sites around Dangriga — most notably Cockscomb Basin, a popular attraction that’s also the world’s first jaguar preserve. The airport is also rather

The Modes of Transportation

While the Dangriga Airport has several rental car companies, driving a car in and around Dangriga can be a hassle. Roads with more than two lanes are rare, and many of the more popular sites around the town of Dangriga require four wheel drive and a stern sense of courage to properly navigate in the off season. Similarly, taxis are readily available within the town but aren’t necessarily the best choice when venturing outside. For travelers, the best option is to often look for a tour company like Uncharted Jewel Belize. As a company actually based in Dangriga and staffed by locals, we can help you find the coolest local spots. And Uncharted Jewel Belize can provide your transportation services for every leg of the trip — from shuttling you to and from the airport to setting up cultural tours of the town to taking you on adventures in the surrounding wilds.


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