Choose Belize as Your Wedding Destination

Choose Belize as Your Wedding Destination

Starting out your happily ever after is easier than you think in Belize, as it will not only give you and your significant other a chance to swap in traditional and pricey wedding themes and expectations for a tropical retreat that is classier, carefree, and memorable.

Due to its proximity to the US, its affordable flight packages, and its stunning storybook views, Belize is quickly becoming Central America’s wedding capital. In fact, newlyweds are now opting to let go of the additional hassle of planning a pricey honeymoon getaway and instead simply wake up in paradise and celebrate their wedding and honeymoon in one with a handful of people close to them.

Why Choose Belize

Choosing Belize as the destination to celebrate your once-in-a-lifetime occasion will mean that you will get the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of gorgeous wedding venues, backdrops, and even luxurious resorts to exchange your vows. Instead of the traditional isle, you can choose to walk down a palm-studded isle, decorated with colorful tropical flower arches that will lead you towards the emerald waters of the Caribbean Sea and straight into the arms of your loved one. Craving something more intimate, then you can also choose a picturesque garden setting, escape to a poolside patio, or even go for something more extravagant like a historical Maya archaeological site. While the possibilities are endless in Belize, we can guarantee that whichever choice you choose each setting will contribute its own splendour and magic to the occasion.

Eliminate excess spending

It is a well-known fact that weddings are pricey, from the invitations, the planning, the decor, the food and not to mention the giant-sized cake, no pennies are spared when it comes down to preparing for the big day. However, celebrating your wedding in Belize would mean that you will get to wave goodbye to a big celebration, and instead cut down on the guest list and excess spending. More than likely, due to the traveling, and extra expense associated with such, some guests will choose not to attend, therefore you will only be required to cater to a small handful of guests. You will also have additional time to spend with your guests and loved ones since their numbers are manageable.

Get rid of wedding planning

Instead of burdening yourself with all the details, you could choose to hand over all the planning to professionals, who will take care of your wedding coordination ranging from all the legalities involved with tying the knot in Belize, to ensuring that you get that perfect wedding ceremony that you have always dreamed of. With all of that out of the way, you can take a sip of that expensive champagne while you dance barefoot on the beach beneath the stars and savor the warm tropical weather and let yourself loose on your special occasion.

Treat Your Guest to a Memorable Escape

The best part about hosting your wedding in Belize is that after all the ceremonies and celebrations are out of the way you can unwind and treat your guests to a group excursion around the country. Make precious memories and rekindle family bonds through a host of activities such as diving, snorkeling, swimming, or touring any of the Maya ceremonial sites. You can also use the opportunity to experience and get a close-up view of Belize’s authentic cuisines, traditions, and cultural groups that can be found around the country.

Uncharted Jewel Belize Can Take Care of the Transportation

While it might seem that you have taken care of all the planning, you might want to consider booking a reliable transportation and shuttle service to take care of all your transportation needs. Being in a new country, with little knowledge of how to get around or where to go, can be an added headache that you don’t need while celebrating your elopement. Uncharted Jewel Belize can fill in that gap for you with their dependable services that can take you across the country in comfort and luxury. We also offer customized tours to suit any special occasion or budget.

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