Experience Extreme Adventures at Angel Falls

Experience Extreme Adventures at Angel Falls

Adrenaline junkies looking for a new and exciting feat to conquer in the wilds of Belize will be pleased to know that Angel Falls Xtreme Adventures nestled halfway along the Hummingbird Highway, and tucked into the crevices of the ancient Maya Mountains, is the ultimate outdoor adventure to get your blood pumping.

Set in a 200+ acres of lush and untouched jungle, limestone, granite and picturesque waterfalls, our grounds will be sure to exceed thrill hunters’ every expectation. Brimming with wildlife, a maze of hiking trails, natural swimming holes, and Instagram-able views, Angel Falls is a natural hidden paradise waiting to be explored. 

More on the wild side and looking to get extremely adventurous then ziplining 800 feet above the thick jungle canopy, might literally make you see Belize differently. We have earned a reputation for having the longest, fastest and highest zipline in the country that crisscross through the jungle and over the waterfalls. Featuring eight different lines and 15 platforms, visitors can sail over and across the falls at breathtaking speed, while marveling at the 500 species of plants and animals that coexist below in perfect harmony. 

Based on our calculations it takes approximately an hour to crisscross above and over Angel Falls, giving visitors opportune time to enjoy the unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the country. An experience that will leave you with a treasure throve of unforgettable memories and awesome photos. 

For adventurers seeking a more challenging thrill, Angel Falls also offers the chance to rappel down the side of the waterfalls themselves. After climbing to the top, visitors will need to strap themselves into safety gear before descending backward, down the waterfalls for hundreds of feet. Top it off with a refreshing dip in the natural crystal pools below. A short hike through the dense forest will take you to the Hidden Falls Pool where you can immerse yourself in river tubing activities before stopping in for some refreshing drinks and local cuisine at the Angel Falls Restaurant.

Get Xtremely Adventurous with any of our specialty tours for a minimum of two persons.

First is the Xtreme Zipline, available at $85 USD per person, this specific tour is classified as one of the longest, fastest and highest zipline in the country.

Second on the list is the Xtreme Rappelling, available for $225 USD per person. This tour is the perfect option for thrill-seekers, consisting of 425 feet of adrenaline-pumping, high-energy adventure.

The third tour is the Xtreme Zipline + Hidden Falls Pool, which is available at $120 USD per person. This combo package is perfect for those wanting to relax and take a cool swim after the XTREME Zipline Tour and is the perfect ending to a rewarding day.

Fourth on the list is the Xtreme + Zipline tour which comes at a cost of $ 130 USD per person. Classified as a combo tour this one gives you the thrill of our XTREME Zip Line Tour along an intense hike to the base of Angel Falls.

Rappelling equipment and safety gears are also provided onsite. The office is situated on the edge of the Sibun Forest Reserve in Southern Belize, or at Mile 26 ½ on the Hummingbird Highway. They are open seven days a week between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. A rugged one-mile trail at the mile marker will propel you right into paradise of cascading waterfalls that plunge more than 400 feet below into a refreshing pool.

Apart from our adventure packed tours our friendly, professional, and courteous staff stands ready to help you conquer the wilds of Belize. Contact our office today at +501 614-7869 or email us at Unchartedjewelbelize@Gmail.com to book yourself an exciting, fun packed, adventure.

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