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How do you get to Dangriga Belize?

Dangriga has a population of less than ten thousand people, but this small town is one of the most important settlements in the Caribbean nation of Belize. As the home to the Garifuna people, the Afro-Caribbean influences in this town are strong — and it’s widely regarded as the cultural capital of Belize. If you want to visit, you have quite a few options. Here’s what you need to…

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Gulisi Garifuna Museum in Dangriga Belize

The ancestors of the Garifuna people took a long, winding, and often tragic path from Africa to the Caribbean, but their sons and daughters have since found a home for themselves in Belize and earned recognition as having a critical role to play in the art, culture, and history of this Caribbean country. The Gulisi Garifuna Museum explores the complicated and diverse history of the Garifuna people, and it’s…

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Things to see and do in Dangriga Belize

Experience Dangriga Like a Local

The destination known as Stann Creek Town wouldn’t change its name to Dangriga until after the arrival of the Garifuna people — but this Afro-Caribbean culture is a critical component of the town’s personality now. Widely lauded as the “cultural capital of Belize”, Dangriga is a refreshing change of pace from tourist-heavy regions like Ambergris Caye and Caye Caulker, but that also means the activities in…

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History of Dangriga

History of Dangriga, Belize

Dangriga isn’t one of the most popular choices for tourists flying in to Belize, but that makes it one of the best places for seeing what life is really like in this Caribbean country. This fishing community has an air of authenticity that many more polished destinations don’t, but the people here are friendly and inviting. It’s also the capital of the Garifuna people, and the path they took…

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Getting Around Belize

Getting Around Belize

Most people fly into Belize via plane and arrive at Philip S.W. Goldson International Airport (PGIA), or Belize City’s Municipal Airport (TZA), both are near Belize City. Another option is to fly to Cancun, Mexico, and take a bus to Belize City, which is about an eight-hour trip. Once in Belize, you’ll go through immigration and customs, and then you’re free to go to your destination, but how do…

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Things To See And Do In Belize

18 Things To See And Do In Belize

For only occupying 8,867 square miles, Belize may be small in size, but it has unlimited resources for fun. Listed below are the top 18 things travelers must-see and do in Belize while visiting.

  1. Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye
Ambergris Caye occupies 36 miles on the north side of Belize and is a must-stop for divers and snorkelers. The island has perfect access for…

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Outer Cayes and Atolls in Belize

Outer Cayes and Atolls in Belize

Want to get away from it all? You can’t get farther away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life than by visiting the world famous outer cayes and atolls in Belize. These extraordinary 450 beautiful gem islands located in a sea of exquisite shimmering aquamarine, vary from exotic resorts to tiny dots of coral floating in high tide.

The islands, or outer cayes, dotted along the exotic Belize Barrier…

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Belize Scuba Diving Hot Spots

Top 10 Belize Scuba Diving Hot Spots

How many dives have you taken? Not literally, of course. We’re talking about diving into investments, marriage, kids, jobs, and a few dives you might like to forget. In the end, you learned more about yourself than you thought possible, because of success and failure change people, and usually in positive ways. Now, it’s time to challenge yourself to a literal dive—a plunge into turquoise waters where an untold…

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Southern Belize Maya Ruins

The two cities of Nim Li Punit and Lubaantun are some of the best places to see the incredible engineering skills of the ancient Maya. Built more than 2,000 years ago, these magnificent cities feature majestic pyramids, sacred temples, and elaborately carved buildings deep in the heart of the Belizean jungle.

If you’re interested in visiting Nim Li Punit or Lubaantun, here’s what you need to know:

Nim Li Punit

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Birding in Belize

Belize, a Great Destination for Birdwatching

With more than 500 recorded species of birds, Belize is truly one of the best places in the world to spot avian species in the wild. The Audubon Society is very active in Belize, and the country has no fewer than six Important Birding Areas where it’s easy to stop hundreds of bird species in their native habitat.

Whether you’re new to the world of bird watching or a veteran…

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