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How to Get Around Dangriga

Dangriga’s reputation as the cultural capital of Belize is well earned. The Afro-Caribbean people called the Garifuna are an intrinsic part of the local culture, and it’s well worth making a trip out to the town where they first landed in Belize and where they continue to thrive. But with a population of only about …

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Which is better Dangriga or Hopkins

The Stann Creek District is one of the most interesting in Belize thanks to its intrinsic ties to the Garifuna people. These former Afro-Caribbean slaves found a new home in Belize — and while it wasn’t always easy to carve out an identity for themselves in an English colony, Belize wouldn’t be what it is …

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Getting from Hopkins to Placencia

Hopkins and Placencia are two sleepy villages alongside the Caribbean coast, but they each have their own unique vibes and are worth seeing independently. Hopkins is regularly called the friendliest village in Belize, while Placencia is a peninsula attached to the southeast shore of Belize. And despite that appeal, it still hasn’t become overcrowded or …

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Belize Winter Getaway

If you’re sick of spending the end of the year in a winter wonderland, you’re not alone. Snowbirds from all over take the opportunity to travel to Belize, and there are plenty of good reasons. Here are the best reasons why you should book Belize for your winter travel destination. It’s easy to reach. Flights …

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serpon sugar mill

Belize is known throughout Latin America and the world for its abnormally high number of extant Maya ruins, but there are more recent archaeological relics that tell historical stories equally as fascinating. Serpon Sugar Mill is one such place. In fact, its construction is often treated as the inciting incident in launching Belize’s industrial era. …

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best places to stay in Dangriga Belize

There’s no place quite like Dangriga. It’s no coincidence that this town is the home of the Garifuna people and widely considered to be the cultural capital of Belize. This beach town is brimming with opportunities — and it offers an experience that’s quite different from resort towns like San Pedro or Placencia. But the …

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Shuttles between Dangriga and Hopkins

As the home of the Garifuna people, the Stann Creek District is one of the most fascinating and beautiful regions in Belize — but many tourists never get to visit either out of not knowing about it or not recognizing how easy it is to navigate. The two major settlements here are Dangriga and Hopkins …

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Marie Sharp's Factory Tour

From the fresh seafood pulled out from the Caribbean Sea to the abundant farmland of the Cayo District, Belize is a country with a rich culinary culture, but there are few brands as ubiquitous as Marie Sharp’s. First established in 1980, the line has now grown to include 10 different spice levels — and you …

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Stann Creek Belize

The Stann Creek District used to be the tourist equivalent of a flyover state — land that visitors pass through on their way to resort beaches or islands like Ambergris Caye. But what more enterprising travelers realize — and what others are starting to learn — is that this district is one of the country’s …

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Dangriga Belize Information

Dangriga Town is widely recognized as the cultural capital of Belize, but there’s a lot more to the story than you’d know from a glance. Dangriga may be a fishing village, but it also has a long and storied history that’s had an impact on the history of the entire nation. Here are 10 interesting …

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