Discover the Wild Beauty of Belize with Uncharted Jewel

If you want to see Belize at its wild, beautiful best, you need a tour guide who has spent a lifetime exploring its secrets and finding it rarest jewels.

My name is Ian Avilez. I’m a native of Belize who’s been hiking, swimming, climbing and exploring this spectacular country since I was big enough to walk. Belize is a small country, but it’s big on beauty, romance, adventure and everything else that you’re looking for in a vacation. Even after all these years, Belize never fails to surprise me. Every day here is an opportunity to discover a rare jewel that takes your breath away.

My mission is to share the wild, untamed beauty of Belize with travelers who want a unique experience that they won’t find anywhere else. The name of my company, Uncharted Jewel, reflects what I’ve learned about this amazing country, namely, that there is always something new to find here. There’s always a reason to keep exploring.

Belize is a paradise for travelers who want a walk on the wild side. Choose your adventure and Uncharted Jewel will make it happen. We love creating rugged excursions ranging from zip-lining to jungle treks to waterfall rappelling. If you want an outing that will get your heart pumping while you’re surrounded by incredible natural beauty, talk to us. We’ll arrange an unforgettable experience for you.

Uncharted Belize can take you through our wild, pristine rainforest where you’re surrounded by ancient jungles, monkeys, tropical birds and sparkling lakes. Hike the Mayan ruins that are shrouded in the historical mystery of a once-great empire.

Take a canoe down the Monkey River, where you’ll see flocks of rainbow-colored birds, sea mammals floating beside you, and monkeys and big cats in the trees. Belize is home to all five species of Central American big cat, giant iguanas, dolphins, hummingbird flocks and manatees.

I have been a professional adventure guide and tour guide for several years. As a native of Belize with a passion to share its treasures, I have the knowledge and experience to create a personalized tour that’s perfect for you.

Belize is a warm, welcoming country. At Uncharted Jewel, we look forward to letting you experience our rich, diverse culture. We’re a mix of Maya, Mestizo, English, African and Creole. Our amazing food, our crystal-clear beaches and our easygoing, tropical lifestyle are all waiting to greet you.

Call Uncharted Jewel today and discover the wild beauty of Belize with an experienced, knowledgeable guide.