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Are you feeling the midwinter blahs? After the whirl of the holidays has ended, you may find it depressing to realize that the calendar still shows weeks of cold, gray weather ahead. If you want to get away, you’re in luck because you’ll get a warm welcome in sunny, friendly Belize. Winter is the perfect time to visit Belize. Here are five reasons to pack your flip-flops and your sun hats right now.

1. Belize Barrier Reef

The clear turquoise waters of Belize are home to one of the world’s greatest marine ecosystems. The Belize Barrier Reef is the second largest barrier reef in the world and home to teeming numbers of rare fish, coral, whale sharks, sea turtles and manatees. Belize has offshore islands called cayes that are famous for their world-class snorkeling and scuba diving. If you enjoy any type of water activity, you will enjoy it even more in Belize.

2. Jungle Adventures

If you want to see nature at its wildest and most stunning, you need to immerse yourself in a Belize jungle adventure. Belize boasts a diverse ecosystem of rainforests, jungles, savannahs, rivers and wetlands. Explore the vivid colors of toucans, hummingbirds, scarlet macaws, kingfishers, flycatchers, herons and more at some of the most amazing birding sites in the world. Go zip-lining through a tropical rainforest, explore a complex cave system or take a canoe ride down a pristine coastal waterway.

3. Fabulous Food

Belize’s many different cultural groups have contributed to its incredible food varieties. Enjoy classic Afro-Caribbean stews and chowders, roasted pig Maya style, tacos that taste like they came from Mexico and freshly caught lobster. The country’s organic banana, coconut, cacao and spice farms add another layer of freshness to the wonderful food you can enjoy here.

4. Mysterious Maya

The Maya built some of their largest, most impressive cities in Belize. Visiting these ruins gives you deep insight into this amazing civilization. Learn their history while you walk through the ancient ball courts, palaces and homes. Climb the temple steps and take in the views. Visit Maya Center Village to learn more about the Maya who live in Belize today.

5. The Belizean People

In Belize, you’ll find warm, friendly people who enjoy sharing the beauty of their country. Slow down and take it easy. Get on island time and kick back with a cold beer on the beach. Stroll barefoot through the sand. Spend time in our friendly beach bars.

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